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Italian National Honor Society

Ridgewood High School Italian National Honor Society


The Italian National Honor Society meets weekly to participate in Italian cultural activities, to organize and participate in philanthropic work, and to travel to Italian cultural events hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute or the Italian Cultural Center, as well as to sit in on Italian classes at universities like the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Italian National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society co-host the yearly Festa/Fiesta; a celebration which highlights the achievements of World Languages students and the cultures they learn about.  INHS, SNHS and the World Languages team also host World Languages week in the Spring, an event that highlights all the cultures represented at Ridgewood High School.

Club Highlights

The Italian National Honor Society recognizes academic excellence. To be invited to become a member, a student must have an overall grade-point-average of 3.2, must have an A-/B average in Italian, and must be registered in Italian 3 or higher.

Our association works with the Italian students at Union Ridge, goes on field trips to attend cultural events, and works on various community service projects.


  • Students can put on their college applications that they are members of the Italian National Honor Society, a nationally-recognized honor that underscores a students' overall academic achievement.
  • Students learn the importance and value of philanthropic work.
  • Students engage in a variety of cultural activities that deepen their understanding of Italy's traditions, history, and people.
  • Students learn to be leaders.

Dolores Pigoni-Miller


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