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Transitional Math & English

Transitional Math and English

Transitional Math and English are not dual credit, the classes allow students to place into credit bearing college classes without having to take a placement test.


Purpose and Impact of Transitional Mathematics Implementation from ISBE


The purpose of transitional mathematics implementation is to expand and extend high school opportunities for students to continue growth in mathematical knowledge, concepts, and skills aligned more closely with the student’s career path and postsecondary and/or career goals. The intentional outcome of well-designed and aligned transitional mathematics courses, not only to the course competencies but to authentic and relative application will not only bridge the fourth-year mathematics gap many Illinois students experience, but contribute to student postsecondary completion rates. Successful completion of a transitional mathematics course for a high school graduate results in direct placement into postsecondary credit-bearing mathematics courses at all Illinois community colleges and accepting Illinois universities without a placement test. This placement directly saves the student time to degree attainment and money that would have otherwise been spent on remediation courses with tuition, books, and fees, and targets financial aid on credit-bearing coursework rather than remediation or “developmental education” courses. Transitional mathematics implementation promotes successful degree completion rates and offers a shorter time to certificate or degree. According to the Illinois Community College Board, less than one quarter of students placed in developmental education (non-credit bearing courses) actually complete a degree or certificate within eight years of enrollment into college and approximately 60 percent of students in developmental education take developmental mathematics. Transitional mathematics implementation has the potential to reach and impact the futures of 147,924 Illinois students based on 2018 senior high school enrollment data. The cost savings is one factor, but a greater factor to consider is student success in educational outcomes institutions. 


The PWR Act outlines three mathematics pathways: 

1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 

2. Technical Math 

3. Quantitative Literacy and Statistics 

Ridgewood is the only school in the area to offer all three transitional math pathways.



Transitional English

Transitional English, allowing students to place into credit bearing Reading and Writing college classes. ISBE is working with community colleges and universities to implement Transitional English across the state for the 2022-2023 school year.  Ridgewood is ahead of the game and has been implementing Transitional English the last three years.

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