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Hall of Fame

The Ridgewood Foundation has decided to postpone the Alumni Hall of Fame Brunch to April 30, 2022 at 11 a.m.  

Ridgewood has many outstanding alumni who have used their education and experiences to become successful, positive contributors to society. We believe that positive role models are extremely important in today’s world, and that these graduates of Ridgewood should be held up as models for today’s students. Consequently, the Ridgewood Foundation would like to honor Ridgewood alumni by establishing a Ridgewood Alumni Hall of Fame. Each year we will select alumni who meet the criteria below and honor them with a place in the Hall of Fame. The culminating activity for this occasion each year will be the Hall of Fame brunch, at which the newly nominated members of the hall will be honored and inducted. A permanent display of honorees has been established so that all students will be able to learn about these graduates.


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Induction Criteria

To be considered as a candidate for the Ridgewood High School Alumni Hall of Fame, alumni must:

  • Have graduated from Ridgewood High School at least ten years ago;
  • Have a record of outstanding achievement in his/her field;
  • Have made significant contributions to his/her field and/or to the community at large;
  • Exhibit outstanding leadership, character and service to his/her community.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form PDF 

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Past Inductees

2021 Inductees

Sam Palazzo '99

Russell Charles Stokes '71

Michael Allegretti '70


2019 Inductees

Robert Augustine '64

Conrad F. Mallek '69

Jeff Angileri '02


2018 Inductees

Kari (Andrews) Mika-Lude ‘04

Frank Biagi ‘84

Daniel Tannhauser ‘85


2017 Inductees

Gail (Vruno) Johnson ‘75

Bob Ossler ‘76

Therese (Terry) Schuepfer ‘69


2016 Inductees

Pamela Kristan ‘64

Alex Molnar ‘63

Mary-Rita (Patricelli) Moore ‘79


2015 Inductees

John Kovalcik ‘82

Richard Massaro ‘69

Heather “Holdway” Ritter ’90


2014 Inductees

Dr. Robert J. Lupo ‘71

Joanna Skupien ‘98

Thomas Stranz ’97


2013 Inductees

Carl P. Cassata, Jr. ‘66

David John Mack ‘82

Debra A. (Kaspar) Wagner ’71


2012 Inductees

Sam Amirante ‘66

Ivana DiPiero ‘87

Richard Ewanio ’68


2011 Inductees

Jennene Fields ’00

Gene Nudo ’76

Dino Stamatopoulos ’83


2010 Inductees

Neil Artwick ’80

Neil Holdway ’88

Dennis Stefanowicz, Jr. ’85


2009 Inductees

Dwain A. Lutzow ’69

Linda (Rago) Pezzullo ’74

Joy Carol Wykowski ’81 


2008 Inductees

Arleen Fligg Armanetti ’67

Nicholas DeLaurentis ’03

Stephen Petrakis ’71 


2007 Inductees

Gary Niederkorn ’68 

Kimberly (Garnier) Roos ’96 

Richard Scheuring ’82 

Steven Spychalski ’92 


2006 Inductees

Joe Bartosch ’78

Cynthia DiLeonardo ’76

James Palumbo ’67


2005 Inductees

Anthony Lupo ’66

Charles Ghiloni ’70



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