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Library Info

Library Hours

  • Monday to Friday - 7am to 4pm

Student Expectations / Guidelines

Respect Your Peers and Their Learning

  • Keep your voice and conversations at a respectful level

  • Respect everyone's right to study and work.

  • Turn off your cell phone ringers off and use headphones when listening to music / videos

Respect The Library and Library Staff

  • No food allowed

  • Use appropriate language

  • Be courteous of library staff

  • Return all library materials, books, and laptops to designated areas

  • Return furniture to its proper place

  • Clean up after yourselves!  Trash belongs in the garbage, keep the library clean

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Mrs. Gonzalez - - 708-456-4242 ext. 246

  • Library Assistant: Ms. Goodman - - 708-456-4242 ext. 256

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