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Research Guides

General Research help

Digital Notecards:  Stay Organized as you research.  

Research Tips & Tricks:  How to guide for online databases, Google, and website evaluation.  

2 Truths & 1 Lie Website ActivityCan you tell which websites are truthful and which is fake?    

Class Pages

English 1 - Injustice Unit 

Biology - Fruit Project 

Biology - Science Fair:  Research Guide 

Biology - Feeding 10 Billion: Research & video guide for project.  

Biology - Survive or Die!:  Research Guide for Evolution Project in Biology classes.   

Chicago History Fair:  Links to online databases and websites. 

English 1 Career Clusters:  Research Guide on career paths & information.

English 2 Business Ethics / Problems & Solutions:   Research Guide for Business Ethics & Consumer Products. 

Mental / Emotional Health Unit:  Research Guide for Health class. 

Psychology:  Research for Genocide Project  

Physics - SEL Project:  Research Guide for Physics class.  

Yearbook Project:  Research Guide for Sociology Project.  


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