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Chicago History Fair

General Help

Library Catalogs - Books 

  • Ridgewood Library Catalog:  Search for books in our "Chicago" section that you can check out from the RHS Library.  

  • Eisenhower Public Library:  Search the public library catalog for books at Eisenhower, CPS, and surrounding libraries.  If the book is not at Eisenhower, you cam request a copy through inter-library loan.   

Library Databases

  • JSTOR (RHS): Contains back issues of academic journals.  Includes books and primary sources materials. 

  • Chicago Tribune & Historical Chicago Tribune (Eisenhower): Search the Tribune all the back to 1849 and through to the present

  • New York Times & Historical New York Times (Eisenhower): Search the NY Times all the back to 1851 and through to the present. 

  • GVRL (RHS): Digital ebooks on various topics.

  • U.S. History (RHS):   Covers the most studied topics in American History.  Includes access to reference articles, primary sources, news and multimedia sources.

  • Biography in Context (RHS):  Find biographical information on newsmakers and historical figures.  Includes access to reference articles, primary sources, news and multimedia sources.

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online:  Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images. 


History Websites 

  • Encyclopedia of Chicago: Searchable website contains thousands of historical resources, including articles, maps, and newspapers.  

  • Library of Congress: Government database that includes webpages, books, photos, videos, maps, drawings, and more on historical topics. 

  • Chronicling America: Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1963  

  • Explore Chicago Collections:  A place to explore the history & culture of Chicago

  • Chicago History Fair Research Links:  A resource directory provided by the Chicago History Museum.     

  • Chicago History Museum Research Center:  A guide to the resources available at the Chicago History Museum.  

  • Chicago Daily News Database (Chgo History Museum): Photographs from the Chicago Daily News from 1902-1933.  Make sure to select "Chicago Daily News Images" in the "Limits" box.  

  • Chicago Public Library - Chicago Timeline: A list of events in Chicago History with links to resources from the Chicago Public Library. 

  • The Great Chicago Fire: Includes images, essays, eyewitness accounts, and artifacts to tell the story of the Chicago Fire of 1871.  

  • Homicide in Chicago from 1870-1930:  Northwestern University School of Law site that provides access to homicide records and investigations by the Chicago Police Department during this time period.  

  • FBI Records - The Vault: Contains over 6,700 FBI documents on the following topics:  administrative policies, anti-war, civil rights, counter terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, fugitives, gangs extremists groups, gangster era, organized crimes, political figures, popular culture, public corruption, supreme court, unexplained phenomenon, WWII, violent crime.  

  • Illinois Digital Archives:  Access local history files throughout Illinois including: photos, oral histories, letters, government documents, postcards, posters, videos, and maps. 

  • Urban History - Chicago:  Contains links and information on the following topics: biographies, communication, history of transportation, development of urban amusements, Chicago department stores, history of Chicago businesses, landmarks & monuments,  neighborhood and parish histories.  

  • The Haymarket Affair Digital Collection:  Site provides access to primary source materials.  

  • Urban Experience in Chicago - Hull House & It's Neighborhoods, 1889-1963:  Created by the University of Illinois at Chicago, this site contains primary sources, historic photographs, and essays on Hull House.   

  • Chicago Architects Oral History Project:  By the Art Institute of Chicago, this site documents the contributions of architects in Chicago.  

  • The Labor Trail: This on-line history resource builds on “The Labor Trail: Chicago's History of Working-Class Life and Struggle,” a map of 140 significant locations in the history of labor, migration, and working-class culture in Chicago and Illinois.

  • Illinois Labor History Society: This sites contains resources about Illinois labor history. 

  • Digital Library of Illinois and Chicago History Digital copies of older history books and other printed material on Illinois and Chicago.  

  • Illinois Digital Heritage Hub:  The hub brings the stories and voices of Illinois residents and helps DPLA draw unique connections between broad national themes in American history and the lived experience of individuals and local communities.

  • Her Hat was in the Ring: U.S. Women Who Ran for Office Before 1920:  Identifies and gives biographical information for women candidates for elective office in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including information about her campaign, party affiliation, photographs,and lists of selected resources.

  • Women and Social Movements in the United States:  Primary sources on women include a number who were active in Chicago such as Ida B. Wells and Florence Kelley

  • Discovering American Women's History Online: This site provides access to digital collection of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts) from women through the United States.  

  • Chicago in Maps:  Chicago in Maps, curated by Dennis McClendon, is a simple website devoted to gathering together links to various historic maps of Chicago.


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