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(For summer camp information, please visit: Summer Camps)

Registration for Ridgewood HS sports is completed online. Online registration is mandatory. No athletic registration will be taken in the Business Office or Athletic Office.

RIDGEWOOD ATHLETIC REGISTRATION PAGE (for seasonal sports & summer camps): 


Any student interested in participating in a sport at Ridgewood High School MUST have the following items completed/turned into the Athletic Office. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to practice/play any sport:

  1. Complete athletic registration online; electronically sign all paperwork.
  2. Must have a current physical on file (valid for 13 months from doctor's approval date).

Click on the REGISTRATION tab and then "Log Me In" (if student-athlete already has an account), entering your email and password (recovery passwords can be sent to email by clicking "Did you forget your password?").

Or, click “Create an Account” (if student-athlete DOES NOT have an account). Enter your email address and create a password.  Please remember to save your password for future athletic registrations.

  • Click on “Begin Registration”
  • “Select Activity”
    • Choose the sport your child will be participating in
  • You will be prompted to decide if you want to purchase the Community Value App (CVA) through 8to18 registration. This is NOT required to participate in athletics at Ridgewood High School.
  • “Select Participant”

-Choose your child listed or “Add a New Participant”

-Please be sure to include all medical information on this page. This is what the athletic trainer and coaches will use in case of an emergency.

Primary Parent/Guardian Information

-Fill out the Parent/Guardian Information 

Physical Form - (please note that the Freshmen physical, required by the school nurse, is different from the IHSA Pre-Participation Exam Form)

-Physical Form

-If you need a form to take to the doctor you may print it here.

-Remember your athlete must have a current physical in order to begin “official” practice.

-The physical is valid for 13 months. If your student/athlete had a physical last year, and it is close to expiring, it may be best to get another physical, as to not have it lapse while participating in their sport.

Legal Forms

-Click on each legal form and read.

-Once read, there will be two boxes for digital signatures of parent/guardian and student-athlete. By clicking on the boxes, you are agreeing to the all the information on these legal forms;

-Giving your student/athlete permission to participate (parent permission/release of liability), agreeing to the RHS "Rebel Pledge" (code of conduct), IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form, and Consent to Participate in Extracurricular Drug & Alcohol Testing.

-You will be prompted again about the CVA (Community Value App), if you declined the first time.  

-NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) is an organization that helps student-athletes, and their families, better understand the ins and outs of the college recruiting process.  This is another option that 8to18 Registration provides through the online process.  This is optional.

-Click on "Submit" to complete registration.  

-Please DO NOT turn in any forms filled out online.  You will receive an email confirmation with these documents, should you want to print them. 

Additional Information:


All student athletes must have a current physical to play an IHSA sport. The actual paper physical must be signed by the athlete, parent, and physician. The physical also needs to be dated and have the physicians stamp on it. The physical must be turned into the Athletic Office on or before the official start of their sport. 

*Incoming Freshmen* may use their physical for sports from student registration. Our school nurse will have the Freshmen Physicals on file. 

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