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Abraham Lincoln High School Book Award Program

What is the ABE Award?

Every year teens throughout the state nominate books and then vote for the book they think is most outstanding. The book with the most votes wins the Abraham Lincoln High School Book Award or the ABE Award. The award is sponsored by the Association of IL School Library Educators (AISLE)

How Can I Participate?

READ!!! In order to vote in March and help decide the winner, you must read a minimum of 4 ABE-nominated books. Copies of each book are available in the RHS Library and at Eisenhower Public Library.  

Participate in our annual ABE Reading Book Challenge (and other Reading Challenges) via the Beanstack Reading Challenge website!   You’ll be able to track all the books you read, post reviews, and for every 5 ABE books you read, you’ll get a $5 gift card.    


ABE Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?  Can you read ALL 20 books by May 1?  If so, you’ll track your reading on Beanstack account and those who read all 20 books will be showered with praise, prizes, and food!!!  Students who read all 20-nominated ABE books will be recognized by the Association of IL School Library Educators, be student of the month, get a free lunch and a bag of swag. 

2021 ABE Books

Click here to download the 2021 ABE Book Brochure to your iPad.  



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