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Student Enrollment & Registration

Online Enrollment, Registration and Calendars

The following is an overview of steps to complete enrollment and registration for Ridgewood High School. The table includes a timeline and provides links in Green to easily access information and documents.


Step 1:  NSOE (New Student Online Enrollment)

Step 2:  Verify & submit residency documentation and paperwork

Step 3:  Pay fees 2020-2021 fees


Timeline for Enrollment & Registration

Step 1


(Incoming 9th graders & new students Only)

December and January

NSOE (New Student Online Enrollment) - Any new or incoming 9th grade student will notify Ridgewood if he or she plans to attend our school electronically. Parents first request an NSOE account.  Additional information can be found by clicking on the Parent Portal and then selecting ‘Student Registration.’  Required documents need to be physically submitted to the school during Rebel Transition Night, 8th Grade Registration or by appointment.

Step 2


(All Students)

May and June

Verify Enrollment/Residency - You will use your Skyward credentials to complete this step. If you are an incoming 9th grader or new student, you will receive your credentials via mail. With your login, you will complete the online verification.  This will be similar to Step 1, you simply verify your information submitted in the winter has not changed. If you are a returning student, you must still submit verification documents.

Step 3


(All Students)


The last step is to pay fees.


The Master Textbook list for the 2019-2020 school year is made available on our website as a PDF file, and in Skyward so students would know which items to purchase for their classes.  As this is the master textbook list, please be aware of the last column.  This column states if the textbook is being provide to students by RHS or if student must purchase the textbook.

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