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English education is intended to build a community of readers, writers, and speakers who will be capable of comprehending, analyzing, evaluating, and utilizing a variety of literature and media. Students will have the skills to understand and be aware of themselves and the world around them through the appreciation and power of the English language.

Social Studies

Social Studies education is intended to build a common knowledge base among students as we learn about our nation’s history and the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. In addition, students will gain a greater perspective on themselves and the world as they explore different cultures, ideologies and movements through our many Social Studies courses.

World Language


The World Language team, through the study of other languages, aspires to equip students with an understanding of world cultures and to develop skills to communicate in another language and improve literacy skills in their native language. We aim to have students apply what they learn to understand and work in the real world and broaden their professional preparation.


Pamela Mundy

English - Humanities Division Head

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