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College And Career Pathway Endorsements

Components to Earning an Endorsement on Your Diploma

  1. Individualized Learning Plan

  2. Career Exploration

  3. Pathway

    • Regional Postsecondary Program

    • Pathway Courses - at least 2 Dual Credit

    • Related Electives 

    • Transitional Support - Transitional Math, Transitional English

    • Professional Learning Experiences - career exploration, team based challenges, career development 

Creating Currency for College and Career Pathway Endorsement 

A growing number of institutions are offering incentives to students who have earned a CCPE, to help attract high school students into the secondary to postsecondary pathways and increase college completion rates for these students.


  • Northern Illinois University’s College of Education and EdSystems announced new incentives for Illinois students graduating with the College and Career Pathway Endorsement (CCPE) in Education in February 2021. Admitted students with the endorsement are automatically advanced as finalists to receive select scholarships and to participate in the college’s innovative Educate and Engage program. This announcement makes NIU the first postsecondary institution in the state to offer currency to high school students for the CCPE.

  • In December 2020, EdSystems announced a partnership with Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois, which is automatically advancing any applicants who have earned or are on track to earn the CCPE to the final stage of the application process. 

  • HB2170, also known as the Education Omnibus bill, includes an update to the Illinois’ Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship to fund students graduating with any of the pathway endorsements (Article 120).

  • Sauk Valley Community College announced in March 2021 that any student who completes high school with a Career Pathway Endorsement in any area will be awarded a $100 credit. Read more.

  • In March 2021, Chicago State University announced students who earn the CCPE in Education and apply for the Diverse Scholars in Education Scholarship or Call Me Mister Program are automatically advanced as finalists. Download student fact sheet.

  • Graduates of Ridgewood High School, the first school in Illinois to award a CCPE to its graduates, are already benefitting from earning an endorsement, including job offers. Read more.


Career Pathway Endorsements that Ridgewood Currently Offers

We will be adding more pathways each year.

The following list has the endorsement area, specific pathway, the the classes needed to fulfill the dual credit portion requirements for students to earn the endorsement on their high school diploma.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Horticulture Entomology, Insects, People, and Plants (Triton Cohort) Plant Pathology (Triton Cohort)
Arts and Communication Arts, Audio Video Tech, & Comm Graphic Art Sem 1

Graphics Art Sem 2

Human and Public Services Teaching Courses at Triton or NEIU Topics in Education, Intr to SPED, Diversity in Schools and Society, ect.... Courses at Triton or NEIU Topics in Education, Intr to SPED, Diversity in Schools and Society, ect....
Criminal Justice Intro to Criminal Justice (Triton Cohort) Patrol Administration (Triton Cohort)
Early Childhood Education Child Development (Trition) Introduction to Methodologies (Triton)
Finance And Business Entrepreneurship Intro to Business Algebra 2 in Business
Business Management and Admin Intro to Business Algebra 2 in Business
Finance Algebra 2 in Business

Financial Accounting (Triton)

Marketing Intro to Business Marketing
Health Science and Technology Nursing Basic Nurse Assistant (Triton Cohort)

Nurse Assistant Care of Patients with Alzheimer's (Triton Cohort)

Biotech Honors Biology  PLTW
Athletic Trainer Foundation of Exercise (Triton) Nutrition Science (Triton)
Information Technology  Information Technology Intro to Computer Programming PLTW
Intro to Computer Programming Intro to Computer Programming Cybersecurity
METT Manufacturing PLTW Sem 1

PLTW Sem 2

Architecture and Construction PLTW GIC
Welding Woodworking Welding 1 (At Triton)
Auto Technician PLTW Intro to Auto (At Triton)

Offered at RHS

Offered at Triton

Offered at Triton and NEIU

College and Career Endorsement Graduates

Class of 2022


  • Patricia Adamczyk

  • Joanna Quintana

  • Clare Rhode

METT (Manufacturing Engineering, Technology, & Trades)

  • Jerry Mufarreh

  • Jordan Shukair


Class of 2021

  • David Berry

  • Klaudia Buck

METT (Manufacturing Engineering, Technology, & Trades)
  • Joseph Badalamenti

  • Matthew Kowalczuk

  • Natalie Pecaro


Class of 2020

Human and Public Service Endorsement
  • Yilyanny Barreto-Rodriguez

  • Julie Clark

  • Ivy Huynh

METT (Manufacturing Engineering, Technology, & Trades)
  • Daniel Anzaldua

  • Adam Brenner

  • Giovanni Llamas

  • Michael Magyar

  • Nicholas Niedzwiedzki





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