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School Safety Resources

Report Safety Concerns & Bullying

Ridgewood High School strives to provide a safe learning environment for all students.  This tool is designed for individuals to report situations involving threats, intimidation, harassment, or bullying.  It is also to be used to report any other safety concerns.  We believe it is best to speak directly to an administrator, counselor, or social worker if these situations arise.  Since that is not always possible, this is another tool that can be used to report safety concerns or bullying.  Please describe your specific concern in as much detail as possible.

If your concern requires immediate attention, contact the Dean of Students directly by calling 708-697-5542 or via email at  In the case of an emergency, always call 911.

Reporting Form

School Safety Presentations

School safety is our top priority at Ridgewood High School.  We have been hard at work for years to implement up to date safety measures and protocols.  Our work is driven by constant collaboration and guidance through the police departments of Harwood Heights and Norridge.  While we have made tremendous strides in implementing school safety measures, our work is not done.  This is a continuous and never ending effort involving constant training with all stakeholders.  Our message to students is twofold - you have a responsibility and role in keeping our school safe and if you see something, say something.  In the links below you will find two important documents: 

We encourage both parents and students to utilize the reporting form, which is housed in both the Parent and Student portal on our school website (  Our message to parents and students regarding the run, hide, fight protocol:  This is a skill set that pertains to any area including college, the workplace and public areas.  We encourage you to discuss the training with your students and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

This is a difficult topic to discuss, however, we can make a difference through training and preparation.  We will continue and always uphold student safety as our top priority.

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