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RHS Library Digital Toolbox

Teachers and Students, the RHS Library Digital Toolbox is your one-stop-shop for everything library related.  Looking for something specific?  Below are direct links to library materials: 

2023 ABE Reading Program

Participate in our annual ABE Reading Book Program and for every 5 ABE books you read, you’ll get a $5 gift card!!! Fill out the 2023 ABE Book Review Form to win prizes.  Can you read ALL 20 books by May 1?  If so, track your reading with the ABE Review Form and those who read all 20 books will be showered with praise, prizes, and food!!!    

Request Library Materials or Help from Mrs. Gonzalez

Need to request library materials or want to schedule a meeting with Mrs. Gonzalez for reading or research help?  Click here to Request Library Materials or help from Mrs. Gonzalez  


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