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Summer Reading 2018

This summer, you will be reading the book A List of Cages by Robin Roe. The entire school, including AP students, will be reading this book this summer and discussing it in class during the third week of school. Click here to for more information about your required summer reading with A List of Cages and AP Literature or AP Language courses.   

Flipster Digital Magazines 

Flipster is a digital magazine service provided courtesy of your RHS library.  You can download the Flipster App to read these digital magazines on any device.  Click for a description of each magazine.  

OverDrive:  eBooks and Audiobooks

Enjoy digital ebooks and audiobooks on your computer, Smartphone, iPad, Kindle, or eBook reader anytime, anywhere.  Download the Overdrive App to read or listen on any device.   Login to Overdrive using your RHS computer username and password. Click here to watch video tutorials on how to access eBooks on your iPad.

Suggestion Box
Want the library to order a certain book? Or bring a certain author to the school? Or do you have an idea to make the RHS library that much better? Then click here to leave a suggestion for the library.

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