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e-learning Day FAQ

What are e-learning Days?

On school days when safe travel is not possible due to severe weather concerns or other emergencies, students will complete learning experiences at home through Zoom.  Student attendance will be based on class attendance through Zoom.  Learning experiences will be communicated through Canvas, Ridgewood High School’s Learning Management System.

How are e-learning Days different from current “emergency/snow” days?

On e-learning Days, students are continuing to learn material that is relevant to the current learning experiences.  While this is completed outside the traditional classroom environment, it serves as an extension of previous learning or a bridge to the next day’s learning.

While this coursework is by no means a replacement for the learning that occurs in-person, it provides an opportunity to avoid the main issue of a traditional “emergency/snow” day.  Traditional emergency/snow days are often made up weeks/months after the event.  As such, the make-up day often occurs after the relevant unit of study is over (as well as after AP exams), limiting the benefits of recovered instructional time.

In addition, e-learning Days provide the District the opportunity to make decisions about the “emergency” earlier, providing families and staff additional time to make plans.

How will student attendance be recorded?*

Students will be required to attend every class period that day on Zoom.  Teachers will take attendance through Skyward.   

How will students be informed of their assignments?*

Teachers will communicate the required coursework during the scheduled zoom session.  Assignments can be found on Canvas (the District 234 Learning Management System).  

What kinds of assignments will students be asked to complete?

Students may be asked to complete a variety of learning tasks, including (but not limited to):

  • Reading assignment (either digital or paper-based)
  • Video assignment with accompanying assessment
  • Interactive lesson in the Canvas Learning Management System

Teachers will include detailed instructions relating to the assignment, including the following information:

  • Purpose/objective of the assignment
  • Detailed description of the task, including directions/resources required to complete the assignment
  • Assignment submission (in-person, online, etc.)
  • Due date of assignment

What if a student has technical issues that prevent them from completing the work?

Students/parents should communicate with the student’s teachers to determine the best course of action. It is recommended that parents and students discuss an action plan to prepare for e-learning Days, including access to their iPad and Internet connectivity. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the student from accessing their assigned work, parents should call the school to excuse the student. 

My student has special needs - how will they receive accommodations on these days?

For students with more significant needs, teachers will make alternative arrangements in advance. This may include, but is not limited to, teachers distributing paper copies of “e-learning Day” work in advance to families.

*In the event that the severe weather is associated with loss of power/internet access, these expectations will be altered accordingly.  In the event that the severe weather is associated with widespread loss of power/internet access for a large portion of the District attendance areas, an e-learning Day will NOT occur; instead, the day will be a traditional “snow/emergency” day and be made up at the end of the school year.

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