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Dr. Eric Lasky has dedicated his career to education for the past 23 years, striving to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for success in adulthood. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Math Education, as well as master's degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, and Educational Business Administration. Additionally, he has earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and is a National Board Certified Teacher, demonstrating his commitment to professional growth and excellence in teaching.

As Principal, Eric Lasky is dedicated to creating a supportive environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Beyond his past role in the classroom, he has served as a Student Council Advisor for thirteen years, fostering student leadership and engagement. Eric has also made significant contributions as a coach,  Sophomore Baseball for 13 years, Varsity Golf for 17 years, and High School Basketball for 18 years. He believes in the importance of extracurricular activities and encourages all Ridgewood students to participate and explore their interests.

Committed to continuous improvement, Eric actively seeks opportunities for professional growth and stays updated with the latest educational research and practices. Over the last school year, he read a diverse range of books, including "Leading in a Culture of Change," "Street Data," "Grading for Equity," "Say More by Saying Less," "What Happened to You," "Lost at School," "Transforming School Culture," and "Entry Planning for Equity-Focused Leaders." He is a member of various state and national teaching and learning organizations, and he has presented at conferences on topics such as Competency-Based Education, Career Pathways, Performance Tasks, and Integrating Curriculum. Eric also shares his expertise by teaching graduate classes on curriculum and instruction and culturally responsive lesson planning at Spalding University.

Dr. Lasky has actively contributed to educational initiatives beyond his school. He served on the Transitional English Competency Development Group with ISBE, ICCB, and IBHE, and was involved in the authoring of the ISBE Framework for Company Education. Additionally, he participated in the Illinois SAT Standard-Setting panel and helped develop the framework for the ISBE Math Teacher Licensing Assessment. In recognition of his leadership and dedication, he was named the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Leader of the Year in 2019 and was selected to represent Illinois on the National Center for Innovation in Education Team.

Dr. Lasky's passion for his work is evident in his commitment to professional development, student engagement, and fostering a positive school culture. With his wealth of experience, educational expertise, and dedication to student success.

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