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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Adler, Rafaella School Counselor for Freshman  x1245
Anastasiades, Andrew English Teacher  x1477
Balata, Lisa Curriculum & Instruction Division Head  x1298
Barlea, Claudia English Teacher  x1472
Bennett, Matthew English Teacher  x1277
Boekeloo, Kelly Special Education Multi Need Transition Specialist  x1297
Brucci, Danielle Special Education Teacher  x1701
Butryn, Katarzyna Math Teacher  x1409
Campbell, Matthew Special Education Aide  x1709
Cantos, Megan Social Studies Teacher  x1257
Cappaert, Derek Technology Education Teacher  x1716
Caringella, Tony BOE Member
Carlos, Cherlyne Athletic Trainer  x1210
Caslin, Kenneth Assistant to Athletic Director  x1229
Castellano, Gina Dean of Students  x1242
Ciccolini, Luca Business Teacher  x1401
Cohla, Adam Network Administrator  x1215
Collier, Brian Technology Education Teacher  x1433
Connelly, Katherine PE / Health Teacher  x1776
Coyle, Tara Special Education Aide  x1720
DeBruin, Ben Special Education Teacher (LIFE Program)  x1703
Deren, Jerry Special Education Aide  x1714
DeVries, Heather Student Services Office Assistant  x1286
DiPiero, Frank BOE Member
Draniczarek, Paul BOE President
Dudek, James Custodial/Maintenance
Falicetti, Carl Science Teacher  x1413
Fanelli, Vince Custodial/Maintenance
Ferraro, Henry Special Education Aide  x1704
Fioti, Amanda Math Teacher  x1407
Forsberg, Diana English Teacher  x1729
Forsythe, Maureen Executive Assistant to Principal  x1234
Franz, Cari Senior School Counselor  x1269
Freese, Lori Student Services Secretary  x1271
Gates, Justin Social Studies Teacher  x1435
Gelsomino, Donald Science Teacher  x1419
Gonzalez, Jennette Library Director  x1246
Goodman, Allison Library Assistant  x1256
Guzy, Adam Special Education Teacher  x1706
Gyori, James Sophomore/Junior School Counselor  x1244
Hansen, Monica Spanish Teacher  x1428
Hanses, Elizabeth PE and Electives Division Head  x1253
Haracz, Sean Special Education Aide  x1710
Hattar, Amanda Science Teacher  x1415
Hohs, Brad Special Education Teacher (LIFE Program)  x1712
Jones, Mary Special Education Aide  x1707
Kapustka, Justyna Freshman/Sophomore Social Worker  x1292
Kelly, Eileen Speech Pathologist  x1236
Kelsall, Jennifer Superintendent  x1233
Keyes, Kristina Math Teacher  x1243
Kimberley, Denise Building & Grounds Clerk  x1480
Klatka, Thomas Science Teacher  x1722
Klaus, Stephen Music Teacher  x1260
Konsler, Kevin Instructional Technology  x1717
Kumor, Tristan Math Teacher  x1402
Lasky, Eric STEM Division Head  x1411
Laubenstein, Jill Science Teacher  x1220
Lehotsky, Bill Special Education Teacher  x1719
Lewandowski, Mike Custodial/Maintenance
Leynes, Kathleen Junior/Senior Social Worker  x1283
Lippstreuer, Mark Math Teacher  x1403
Machaj, Sarah Fine Arts Teacher  x1261
Macon, Gerald Computer Science  x1730
Maione, Gina Special Education Aide  x1718
Maiorano, Michael Special Education Division Head  x1249
Malicki, Lisa BOE Secretary
Manolis, Diana Special Education Aide  x1726
Mayers-White, Sam Counseling Intern (2018-2019)  x1272
McCabe, Jared Special Education Teacher  x1438
McCabe, Kristy Special Education Teacher  x1218
McCormick, David Custodial/Maintenance
McGready, Laura BOE Member
Meade, Kristi Physical Education Teacher  x1734
Molnar, Maggie English Teacher  x1479
Mroz, Chris Special Education Teacher  x1417
Mundy, Pamela Humanities Division Head  x1476
Nolan, Amanda Social Studies Teacher  x1429
O'Leary, Christopher BOE Member
Olivo, Christine Attendance Clerk  x1258
Olson, Mary Special Education Aide  x1727
Parrillo, Thomas Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations  x1235
Paus, Zachary Math Teacher  x1289
Pemberton, Toni English Teacher  x1474
Pigoni-Miller, Dolores Italian Teacher  x1278
Portanova, Giovanna Italian Teacher  x1437
Poull, Patrick Night Foreman  x1230
Poull, Colleen Front Desk Receptionist  x1204
Randazzo, Krystal Math Teacher  x1732
Reid, Candace School Nurse  x1268
Reid, Jack Special Education Aide  x1728
Romano, Elizabeth Spanish Teacher  x1430
Rosenberg, Dan Special Education Teacher  x1705
Rossi, Pat Director of Buildings and Grounds  x1266
Rudnicki, Renee ESL Teacher  x1731
Rutherford, LeeAnn Social Studies Teacher  x1431
Sabin, Breanna Public Relations Coordinator  x1225
Saint John, Robert Athletic Director  x1240
Saveley, Bill Director of Food Services  x1264
Schau, Scott Physical Education Teacher  x1254
Schmidt, Steven Custodial/Maintenance
Schorsch, Carl Director of Information Technology  x1211
Schutz, Donna Teaching Aide, Para Professional – Life
Scirortino, Augie Custodial/Maintenance
Shelton, Dallas Special Education Aide  x1724
Smith, James English Teacher  x1206
Sneath, Stephanie Computer Science Teacher  x1702
Snyder, Jennifer Director of Student Services  x1284
Stasiek, Katarzyna Student Advocate  x1722
Stazzone, Cindi Executive Assistant to Superintendent  x1231
Steinhaus, Stephanie Social Work Intern  x1213
Steinohrt, Betsy Payroll Manager  x1241
Sticha, Tom Custodial/Maintenance
Straughn, Michael BOE Vice President
Szaflik, Kevin Media Production Supervisor  x1219
Tan, Jennifer Data Systems Specialist  x1248
Uhle, Chris Principal  x1237
Vasilakopoulos, Ted School Resource Officer (Norrdige PD)  x1279
Vasiloudia, Foteini Special Education Aide  x1725
Veronico Davis, Katie Special Education Teacher  x1715
Walker, Amy Accounts Payable & Receivable  x1232
Wicklund, Julia Business Teacher  x1267
Wilkinson, Jessica Special Education Teacher (LIFE Program)  x1757
Wlodarczyk, David Social Studies Teacher  x1427
Young, Deontay Security Monitor  x1720
Zack, Christopher Physical Education Teacher  x1735
Zajac, Cristina Special Education Teacher  x1752

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