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Dual Credit FAQ's

Dual Credit FAQ

What if my child is not attending Triton?

It does not matter. If the university has a course description that is similar, it can be accepted. Many of the classes we offer have an IAI agreement that all schools in Illinois will accept these dual credit courses.

How do I check the number of college credits my child has?

Every student has a Triton log in. Students should log in to to request a Triton transcript. College credits will not appear on the high school transcript.

What are the fees for one course?

Triton allows Ridgewood to run dual credit classes at Ridgewood free of charge. Dual credit courses at Ridgewood do not cost the school or student anything, no matter what grade they receive. If a student takes dual credit courses at Triton, Ridgewood will cover the cost as long as the student earns a grade of C or higher. 

Is there an application my child needs to fill out for dual credit?

Yes, the student needs to fill out an application one time for Triton.  Once the application is completed, the school will automatically enroll them in dual credit classes. There are three parts to the Triton application. Students should make sure all three sections are complete and they receive an email verifying the application is complete.  Completing the Triton application is part of Ridgewood High School's new student registration. 


What are the benefits of dual credit courses?

Taking dual credit courses can save you money and time. If you receive a C or higher in the course, you automatically get the dual credit (college credit). 

What is the difference between AP and Dual Credit?

With an AP course you have to take a test at the end of the year. Some colleges will award students credit only if they score a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP test. Some colleges only award credit with a 4 or 5 on the AP test.  With dual credit classes, students receive college credit if they earn a grade of C or higher. 


How many dual credit courses can a student take? 

The number of dual credit courses a student can take is unlimited! It is possible for some students to earn an associates degree by the time they graduate high school.

Can I use dual credit courses to count toward graduation?

Yes! Dual credit courses count for both high school and college credit. 





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