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Competency Education

At Ridgewood, we realize that our students enter high school with unique talents and different sets of skills.  Drawing from best practices across the country, we created a Freshman Program that views ninth grade as both a transitional and foundational year. Ridgewood High School considers what students need to keep them in school as well as prepare them for college and careers.

Ridgewood has created a structure in which a team of teachers is responsible for ensuring that each and every student gets off to a great start their freshman year. The freshman team is comprised of a group of teachers representing the following core subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Wellness. Additionally, this team works closely with the division head of curriculum and instruction, world language teachers, and special education teachers. Together, they track student progress, and focus on data to make changes to each students program as needed. Our freshman students receive foundational skills to be successful in high school, while preparing for the world beyond our walls.

The Freshman Program uses advisories to help students develop the habits or 21st-century skills they will need to be successful in high school as well as college and careers. Each student has a 1:1 advisor, someone who meets every to check in. Within the advisories, students develop their personalized learning plan. Each semester, the advisers facilitate student-led conferences which allows students to reflect on their academic, personal, and social goals.  They create a digital portfolio that has evidence of their learning throughout the year. The portfolio will contain artifacts of their academic competencies, personal reflection on strengths, challenges, and career exploration.

In addition to advisories, freshman students have access to an intervention time every day called “WIN” time (What I Need).  This time allows for re-teaching, reinforcement, enrichment, extra help or time in order for each student to show mastery. The entire Ridgewood High School Freshman Team is dedicated to celebrating student’s assets and creating successful high school students.

Ridgewood High School is dedicated to helping students create meaning and make connections in their learning. 

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