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Dual Credit

Dual Credit Opportunities At RHS



How many Dual Credits can a student earn at Ridgewood?

(Students can also take classes at Triton, see below to see classes available)

Lets look at an example!






How many Dual Credits can a student earn at Ridgewood?

In this example - 64

(30 credits is one year of college)

Click Here for Triton College Dual Credits on their campus.  
Click Here for Triton College Short-Term Certificate Pathways for high school students.

Triton College’s Short-Term Certificate Pathways are an exciting way for high school dual credit students to get a jump-start on their higher education and career goals by earning an industry, recognized credential while still in high school!


Triton Dual Credit Classes Offered at Ridgewood

Ridgewood Course name Post-SEcondary Course Name
Marketing Sales Force Management Principals of Marketing
Personal Finance Personal Finance
Intro To Business Introduction To Customer Service
Computer Concepts (Semester 1) Computer Systems & Business Applications
Computer Concepts (Semester 2) Computer System Applications
AP Computer Science A Introduction to Python
Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Programming

Cyber Security 1 Introduction to Network Security
Cyber Security 2 Advanced Network Security
Graphic Arts (Semester 1)

Introduction to Illustrator

Graphic Arts (Semester 2) Intro to Photoshop
PLTW (Semester 1)

Engineer Design Graphics/CAD

PLTW (Semester 2) Autodesk Inventor Design & Render
Woodworking Technology Fabrication Process
AP Italian Elementary Italian I 
AP Italian Elementary Italian II
Honors English 4 World Literature
Honors Pre-Calculus (Semester 1) College Algebra 

Honors Pre-Calculus (Semester 2)

Statistics (Semester 2) Elementary Statistics
AP Calculus AB Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
Geometry in Construction (Semester 1) Carpentry: Rough Carpentry 
Geometry in Construction (Semester 2) Carpentry: Finished Carpentry 
AP Language & Composition  Freshman Rhetoric & Comp I
AP Spanish (Semester 1) Elementary Spanish I
AP Spanish (Semester 2) Elementary Spanish II
Physical Education: Lifetime Fitness Fundamentals of Exercise and Physical Fitness
Physical Education: Weightlifting Total Fitness
Physical Education: Lifetime Fitness Walking for Fitness
Physical Education: Team Sports Soccer
Physical Education: Team Sports Volleyball
Physical Education: Lifetime Fitness Bootcamp Fitness
Physical Education: Team Sports Basketball


NEIU Dual Credit Classes Offered at Ridgewood

Ridgewood Course Name Post-Secondary COurse Name
School as a Social Institution School as a Social Institution


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