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Dual Credit

Dual Credit Opportunities At RHS



How many Dual Credits can a student earn at Ridgewood?

(Students can also take classes at Triton, see below to see classes available)

Lets look at an example!






How many Dual Credits can a student earn at Ridgewood?

In this example - 64

(30 credits is one year of college)

Click Here for Triton College Dual Credits on their campus.  
Click Here for Triton College Short-Term Certificate Pathways for high school students.

Triton College’s Short-Term Certificate Pathways are an exciting way for high school dual credit students to get a jump-start on their higher education and career goals by earning an industry, recognized credential while still in high school!


Dual Credit classes offered at Ridgewood

Ridgewood Course name Post-Secondary Institution Post-SEcondary Course Name
Honors Biology Triton College Sales Force Management
Marketing Triton College Sales Force Management
Business Incubator Triton College Entrepreneurship
Intro To Business Triton College Introduction To Customer Service
Mobile Makers Triton College

IOS Applications Development

Introduction to Computer Programming Triton College

Introduction to Computer Programming (CIS 101)

Graphic Arts Sem 1 Triton College

Introduction to Illustrator (VIC 142)

Graphic Arts Sem 2 Triton College Intro to Photoshop (VIC 161)
PLTW Triton College

Engineer Design, Graphics/CAD Autodesk, Invent Design & Rend

AP Italian Triton College Elementary Italian I & II
Honors Pre-Calculus Sem 1 Triton College College Algebra (MAT 110)

Honors Pre-Calculus Sem 2

Triton College Plane Trigonometry (MAT 114)
Statistics Triton College Elementary Statistics (MAT 170
AP Calculus Triton College Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1 (MAT 131)
Geometry in Construction Sem 1 Triton College Carpentry: Rough Carpentry (COT 106)
Geometry in Construction Sem 2 Triton College Carpentry: Finish Carpentry (COT 206)
AP Language Triton College Freshman Rhetoric & Comp I & II
AP Spanish Triton College Elementary Spanish I & II
Physical Education: Athletic Fitness Triton College PED 100: Fundamentals of Exercise and Fitness
Physical Education: Lifetime Activities   Triton College PED: Total Fitness
Physical Education: Walking and Fitness Triton College PED 117: Walking for Fitness
Physical Education: Soccer Triton College PED 128: Soccer
Physical Education: Volleyball Triton College PED 129: Volleyball
Physical Education: Bootcamp Fitness Triton College PED 105: Bootcamp Fitness
Physical Education: Basketball Triton College PED 130: Basketball
School as a Social Institution  NEIU  EDFN 215: School as a Social Institution


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