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Nurses Office

Nurses Office

The goal of the Health Office is to promote wellness and assist in any way possible after a student has been absent due to illness or injury. The office also assists with the general health care needs of the student body so they are healthy and ready to learn.


9th Grade and Transfer Students

Required to turn in a completed Certificate of Child Health Examination Form to the Health Office. Your child will not be able to start school without this.  If this is not possible please have the doctor’s office fax over a date for your child’s next physical by August 1st to: (708) 697-5521.  Your doctor should have this form, but just in case, forms are available by clicking here.  You are also required to turn in a completed dental form by May 1st.

Make sure you, the parent/guardian complete the top back portion of the form as well as sign and date the form. The form must include complete immunization records for your student. Incomplete forms will be returned, and your student may be excluded from school until their Health Office file is complete.

Here is a simple guide to help you check your student’s physical:

  1. Make sure all immunizations are up to date, including tetanus and varicella.
  2. Immunizations need to be verified by your healthcare provider. Their signature, title and date must be on the form.
  3. The Health History is to be completed prior to your child’s physical. Make sure you identify any allergies or medication your child is taking. Please sign and date as well.
  4. This is the physical portion to be completed by your family physician (MD/ DO/APN or PA)
  5. Boxes for both Physical Education and Interscholastic Sports need to be clearly checked either yes or no. The physical MUST be signed by the medical provider performing the physical and dated. A phone number must be included.

Students transferring from outside Illinois are required to have a vision exam returned to the nurse no later than October 15th of the school year. 


12th Grade Requirements

Per the state of Illinois all incoming 12th graders are required to have 1 dose of Meningitis vaccine after the age of 16 is due no later then Oct 15th.

Required Immunizations

Diptheria, Pertussis, & Tetanus (DTP,DtaP) or (DTor TD)
Three or more doses at the appropriate age with the last dose being a booster and having been received on or after thefourth birthday. Individual doses in the series must have been given no less than 4 weeks apart. One dose of Tdap is now required, and can be administered regardless of when the last tetanus dose was received.

Polio (TOPV)
Three or more doses of TOPV at the appropriate age with the last dose being a booster and having been received on or after their fourth birthday. The first two doses in the series must have been given no less than 6 weeks apart. The interval between the 2nd and 3rd or final dose must be at least six months.

2 doses, with the first dose administered no earlier than 12 months of age and the second dose no less than one month later OR has a physician diagnosed measles disease or laboratory evidence of immunity. OR, One dose of MMR as above and one dose of Measles (RUBEOLA) given no less than one month later. Or, Two doses of RUBEOLA, one dose of RUBELLA and one dose of MUMPS.

Hepatitis B (HepB, HBV)
Three doses. First 2 doses no less than four weeks (or 28 days) apart, the third dose should be administered at least 4 months after the 1st dose. (with the interval between the 2nd and 3rd dose at least 2 months (56 days) OR, present laboratory evidence prior or current Hepatitis B infection. Acceptable lab evidence: a positive HbsAg, anti HBcand/or antiHBs.

One dose on or after the 1st birthday, physician diagnosed disease, lab evidence of immunity to varicella.

1 dose after the age of 16.

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