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Mission and Vision


The mission of Ridgewood High School focuses on learning.

  • Students will become adaptable life-long learners and responsible, ethical citizens, with the ability to make informed decisions in a changing global society.
  • Students will demonstrate learning in multiple settings and in multiple ways.
  • Members of the Ridgewood High School community will collaborate to ensure that every student learns.


The Ridgewood High School Community creates a stimulating and respectful learning environment which ensures individual students become autonomous leaders in their pursuit of a well-rounded, multi-faceted education grounded in innovation, aspiration, and imagination.


We are Ridgewood High School a learning community committed to anti-discrimination and supporting all students through inclusionary practices and initiatives. 


WE believe... So we will...
All members of our community should be seen, valued and deserve to be loved. Intentionally build learning partnerships with students, elevating their voices.
Our students should thrive when we create the conditions for them to do so. Collaborate to fight for equity by creating learning spaces and experiences that acknowledge, honor and respect the lives and experiences of all our students.
Our policies and practices should be rooted in and reflective of our equity vision. Continuously look inward and examine our data, policies and practices through an equity lens, seeking continuous improvement.




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