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Ridgewood Assistance Program (RAP)

The Ridgewood Assistance Program (RAP) provides education, assistance and support for students affected by others' drug and/or alcohol abuse, divorce, chronic illness, death and stress. Students participating in groups often see results in better attendance, improved grades, reduced behavioral difficulties, higher participation in athletics and activities, enhanced health, and a more positive attitude.

Mission Statement

The RAP Core Team supports and enhances the mission of Ridgewood High School by helping students be available for learning. This is accomplished through:

  • Identifying both students and their needs in order to connect them to appropriate resources.
  • Offering team facilitated groups tailors to the needs of the students involved.
  • Providing support both inside and outside of the context of the classroom.
  • Creating educational programming focused primarily on the affective domain.

RAP Brochure (PDF)

How to refer a student to RAP

Students may refer themselves or may be referred by a fellow students, a parent/guardian, or a staff member. Student involvement in RAP is voluntary and no records of the student's participation will become part of the student's permanent record. Federal laws and regulation protect the confidentiality of information, whether or not recorded, about students' participation.

Referral Form Link

To refer a student, contact Jen Snyder at (708) 456-4242 extension 1284, or at

ESL Transitions Are you new to this country and are just learning to transition to American culture, the English language and high school? This group will help you learn to make the best of a stressful time in your life by providing you with the tools and resources that will help.
Grief Group Many of our students at Ridgewood are coping with the loss of a parent/guardian or a sibling. This group can help you transition during this very emotional time in your life.
Concerned Others of Alcoholics or Addicts (COA) Home life can often be a stressful place for students - especially if one or both parents are abusing alcohol or other substances. COA will provide you with the tools you'll need to reduce your feelings of isolation and know that you are not alone, and to understand that you are not responsible for the actions of your parent(s).
Academic and Interpersonal Stress High school can involve a lot of stress. RAP understands that sometimes students can be stressed about their interactions with other students - especially with access to texting and social networks. RAP also understands that stress can be from worrying about classes, grades and getting into college. Both stress groups help you understand where those feelings come from and offers you a variety of ways to help you be less stressed about it all.
Girls Group Are you feeling like you have to be someone else? Like you have to fit someone else's idea of a "perfect girl." Girls group can help you understand that it's much more important to be you than to try to be something else for other people.
Anger Management Do you feel like punching a locker after something upsets you? Feeling frustrated because your parents/guardians, teachers and even your friends don't understand you? Anger Management can help you understand the root causes of these feelings and provides you the tools needed to help cope with those time when your anger feels out of control.
Mindfulness Mindfulness Group is offered to assist students in making deeper connections to the present moment through a variety of activities including guided meditation, art therapy and group discussions. Mindfulness practices have been proven to reduce both stress and anxiety while also fostering kindness towards oneself and others. 
Unique Families

Unique families is a group for students who live in a non-traditional family dynamic including parents/guardians who are separated, divorced, never married or are separated by circumstance (e.g. incarceration, one parent living in another country, etc.) 

Art Group The art group is designed to help students express themselves using a guided creative method. Students who participate in this group will learn a variety of art techniques to help them cope with daily stress.
Strategic Skills This group is designed to help students improve their organizational skills, and help support executive functioning skills.
Boys Group This group is for young men who are experiencing academic, interpersonal, social, behavioral, or attendance concerns.
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