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Ridgewood Assistance Program (RAP)

The Ridgewood Assistance Program (RAP) provides education, assistance and support for students affected by others' drug and/or alcohol abuse, divorce, chronic illness, death and stress. Students participating in groups often see results in better attendance, improved grades, reduced behavioral difficulties, higher participation in athletics and activities, enhanced health, and a more positive attitude.

Mission Statement

The RAP Core Team supports and enhances the mission of Ridgewood High School by helping students be available for learning. This is accomplished through:

  • Identifying both students and their needs in order to connect them to appropriate resources.
  • Offering team facilitated groups tailored to the needs of the students involved.
  • Providing support both inside and outside of the context of the classroom.
  • Creating educational programming focused primarily on the affective domain.

How to refer a student to RAP

Students may refer themselves or may be referred by a fellow students, a parent/guardian, or a staff member. Student involvement in RAP is voluntary and no records of the student's participation will become part of the student's permanent record. Federal laws and regulation protect the confidentiality of information, whether or not recorded, about students' participation.

Referral Form Link

To refer a student, contact Jen Snyder at (708) 456-4242 extension 1284, or at


Concerned others of Addicts and Alcoholics is a group that supports students who live at home with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.

EL Transitions

This group is for students who have recently immigrated to the United States.

Grief and Loss This group is for students who have lost a parent or sibling to death at any point in their lives.
New Students Are you new to Ridgewood? This group is for anyone who recently moved to Norridge and Harwood Heights; didn't attend Giles, Union Ridge, or Pennoyer; and/or is new to Ridgewood.
Social Communication

This group is for students who have trouble making and keeping friends.

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