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Manufacturing, Trades, Engineering & Technology


Dual Credit

  • PLTW ENT 110
  • Geometry in Construction COT 106 and COT 206
  • Woodworking ENT 116
  • Intro to Business BUS 171

Work Based Learning‚Äč

  • Internship with Manufacturing (QCC)
  • Build Days with local unions on Saturdays
  • Summer working on construction site
  • Hardware Store

Team Based Challenge

  • Compete in teams to develop a real product that meets a real world need
  • Create partnership with a local manufacturer (I.E. Jim Becker at QCC)
  • Students present product prototype to manufacturing partner to get feedback
  • Compete in a local Robotics tournament (I.E. VEX)
  • Team engineering design process - Develop skills of teamwork, communication, presentation skills, and real world application
  • Use the engineering design process
  • Bridge Building competition that would lead towards a regional competition


RHS teachers, Tristan Kumor, Derek Cappaert and Stephanie Sneath, in the University of Illinois STEM lab.


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