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Finance & Business Solutions


Dual Credit

  • Marketing - BUS 128
  • Intro to Bus - BUS 171
  • Alg 2 in Bus - BUS 136
  • Statistics - MAT 170
  • Comp Concepts - BUS 107

Work Based Learning

  • Work at Mariano's, Jewel, Butera, Amazon Fresh
  • Work/observe at restaurants
  • Work/observe within a landscaping company
  • Work/observe in Home Depot/Menards/Lowes in the Nursery section
  • Pest Control
  • Park District/Forest and Conservation Technicians
  • Community Gardens
  • Volunteer at a Pop Up Pantry
  • School lunch program
  • Research and determine needs in the community for interests, services and/or products

Team Based Challenges

  • Team Apparel Sales Project - students will design apparel/market apparel/sell apparel and compete for the largest profit.
  • Compete in teams to develop a small business plan
  • Business plan includes: product/services to sell, marketing strategies, financial analysis
  • Students present business plan to shareholders to get funding
  • Team that generates the most funding is winner of the competition
  • Teams given a stock price based on ontime submission of work, quality of work, and behaviors 
  • Develop skills of teamwork, communication, presentation skills, and real world application
  • Stock Market Game-make a portfolio and compete against others.





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