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The Shack @ RHS


This past fall, RHS welcomed a new school store called “The Shack @ RHS.” The Shack is a student-ran business for senior-level students which offers them an experiential learning opportunity. This experiential learning opportunity provides hands-on experience with running and operating a small business. The overarching goal of this store is to grow it into an internal internship to provide students with work experience that aligns with the Business Career Pathway.

The Shack is ran daily during periods 1-7 and occasionally during 8th period and after school depending on demand. Our teachers have integrated PEERS students (special education students) to help in the store to work on specific skills defined by the special education department. There are typically 2 students working in The Shack per period. These students do weekly reflections where they discuss what is and is not working.  The student workers are graded by a student store manager, as well as their teacher, Luca Ciccolini.

Currently, The Shack is selling a variety of snacks and beverages that range in price. Most of these items are priced at $1 or lower to make these items affordable for students. The goal is to service all students demands and requests, which is why theThey recently began selling Ridgewood apparel and as the store progresses they will start selling school supplies and other merchandise as well. 

Where is the money from the store going? Proceeds will go to support the RHS DECA club as a whole. A large portion will be going to supporting the students at their competitions to allow as many students as possible to attend DECA state. Another portion of the money will be used to support our business courses. In the future, they hope to use profits to create a scholarship for Ridgewood students who plan on majoring in business. 

If you have any questions or concerns, Mr. Ciccolini encourages visitors to check out the store and speak to the students about their experience. The store is located in room 220. 

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