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Summer Work 2020


Summer Reading Transfers to 1 Book 1 Community Program 

All programs and student involvement will take place in the fall.   

There is NO required reading book this summer.   

Click here to get a head start on the 1 Book 1 Community Read & to find other fun reads for the summer (coming soon)

AP Course Summer Work

Below are your summer reading packets. Your summer work must be completed by the first day of school.    

  • AP Calculus - Click here for Summer Work (Mrs. Butryn) 
  • AP Chemistry - Click here for Summer Work (Mr. Falicetti)
  • AP Computer Science Principles - No required summer work. (Mrs. Sneath)
  • AP Computer Science A - TBA (Mr. Svetlik)
  • AP Government - No required summer work (Mrs. Rutherford)
  • AP Language - Click Here for Summer Work (Mr. Bennett & Ms. Mundy) 
  • AP Literature - Click Here for Summer Work (Mrs. Pemberton)
  • AP Italian - No required Summer Work (Mrs. Miller)
  • AP Physics - TBA (Mr. Herbet) 
  • APUSH - Click Here for Summer Work (Ms. Cantos & Mr. Wlodarczyk)
  • AP Psych - TBA (Mr. Gates)
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