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Sleeping Freshmen Day


How can a brand new freshman possibly know what path to follow when entering the doors of high school? So many clubs, so many sports, so many new people...what to do?!

Union Ridge 8th Graders and Ridgewood High School students collaborated through Project Based Learning to help answer an ultimate question: How can teens truly awaken their inner freshman?  Mrs. DeLeonardis and Mrs. Grzeskiewicz had their 8th grade language arts students read a light-hearted fiction about a boy's freshmen experience titled, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, to help ease the Union Ridge students transition into high school.   

As a culminating activity, the 8th graders created final products, using technology, artwork, and dramatic interpretations to inspire freshmen.  Both 8th grade classes FaceTimed Ridgewood students to ask a multitude of questions about high school.  Also, the Union Ridge students learned more about the freshmen experience through research on the Ridgewood's website and contacting Ridgewood teachers, coaches, and club moderators. Then, students constructed a final product that could possibly help incoming freshmen feel better prepared to start their first year of high school.  

Ridgewood students along with Mrs. Pemberton and Mr. Anastasiades came to visit our 8th grade language arts classes, so the upperclassmen could evaluate the products and presentations.  Presentation rubric and a PBL rubric were used to give the Union Ridge students feedback on their group projects.  Even a panel of  Union Ridge 7th graders came into the sessions to evaluate the presentations and products. It was a great experience for all involved!  Union Ridge students were provided an authentic opportunity to find out more about their local high school through Project Based Learning.

*Article courtesy of Union Ridge

students presenting

students presenting

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