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Semester 2 Schedule Change


Semester 2 Schedule Modification

Among the many lessons learned during COVID, Ridgewood High School has recognized that flexibility is critical when it comes to the success of our students. Using feedback from our families, community, students, and staff, our schedule will evolve for Semester 2.  Meeting times have been adjusted to better fit the needs of our students and overall goals.  The Monday shortened periods have been replaced with longer classes and the afternoon “skinny periods” have been removed. This change will allow our students to have more sustained time with our teachers and reduce the amount of transitions throughout the day. 

Below is the standard Semester 2 schedule.



When there is no school due to a federal holiday, we will extend the school day on Fridays to ensure our students are getting the necessary instructional time.  Thus, the first week of Semester 2 (January 18th- 21st)  will be:


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