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RHS Senior is Navy Bound


RHS Senior, Danielle Herrera is motivated to break the norms in the Navy. Herrera was 1 of 14 females in the country accepted and enlisted into the Navy for the Class of ’23. After expressing interest in the Navy, her counselor sent her the information for the Navy Academy Summer Seminar. In June of 2022, after applying for the summer seminar, she was able to attend the week long seminar and fell in love with the Military. 


Herrera, pictured above, centered in front of friends at the Navy Academy Summer Seminar.

During her senior year she got in contact with a recruiter and decided she wanted to go straight into the Military after graduation. At the end of March 2023, she was officially sworn into the Navy, finishing the rigorous medical, background check and enlistment process. Because of her high ASVAB score, she had greater opportunities and was able to pick between 12-15 different jobs in the Navy. She is choosing to study to become a Hospital Corpsman, which will allow her to be a doctor in the Navy, and have the opportunity to be a medic on a submarine. Her goal is to be on a submarine during her career, which is an extremely rigorous process. Until 2011, females were not permitted to be on submarines and even to this day only one is allowed at a time. Herrera wanted to be a part of the Navy to break that social norm and show other females that they are just as able as their male counterparts. After she retires from the Navy, she would also have the opportunity to be a doctor in a hospital. Herrera is set to leave for basic training on June 28. 


Herrera, pictured above at the Navy Academy Summer Seminar

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