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RHS Excels at Triton Art Competition


Ridgewood High School art students recently participated in the annual Triton College High School Art Competition. 

“The competition was strong! Ridgewood competed against East Leyden, West Leyden, Proviso East, and Guerin College Prep. I am very proud of our students’ artistic creativity and accomplishments,” said Sarah Machaj, Ridgewood art teacher.

The Ridgewood art students earned the following awards:

  • Kenna Demitropoulos - second place in Graphic Design
  • Kaitlyn Crisantos - second place in Graphic Design
  • Kaitlyn Crisantos - third place in Graphic Design
  • Brian Ocampo - third place in Graphic Design
  • Mairead Fagan - third place in Graphic Design
  • Samantha Arroyo - third place in Graphic Design
  • Mijael Proano - third place in Graphic Design
  • Daniel Loftus - third place in Graphic Design
  • Polo Gamboa - third place in Graphic Design
  • Katarina Milosevic - third place in Graphic Design
  • Susanna Triantafillou - second place in Design
  • Susanna Triantafillou - second place in Design
  • Chloe Lewicki -  third place in Photography
  • Talia Ciccone - third place in Photography
  • Sara Shipman - second place in Ceramics    
  • Sara Shipman - third place in Ceramics
  • Sara Shipman - third place in Ceramics
  • Alyssa Valdivia - third place in Ceramics
  • Mercedes Lewicki - third place in Ceramics
  • Jack Tovar - third place in Ceramics
  • Brianna Lamantia - third place in Ceramics
  • Amanie Saleh - third place in Ceramics
  • Katherine Geonzon - third place in Ceramics
  • Kasia Lechowska - third place in Mixed Media

“I would like to thank Mr. Dennis McNamara, the Chairperson of the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts Department at Triton College. His support and dedication to working with the local high schools has made it possible for Triton College to provide this opportunity to our students,” said Machaj.

Triton College hosted a public reception for the students, their families, schools and the community on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.


Gas for Less - By Keana Demitropoulos


Bubblegum Heaven - By Kaitlyn Crisantos



Bryce Canyon - By Mijael Proano


All My Cage - By Kaitlyn Crisantos


Harry Potter Playing Cards - By Samantha Arroyo


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