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Class of 2020 Graduate Reflection


The 2020 school year ended in a way no one could have ever predicted. For the Class of 2020, it wasn’t just the end of the school year, but the end of their high school career. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Ridgewood administrators and staff found ways to honor the Class of 2020. However, it was not what the students had envisioned and looked forward to after four long years of highschool. 

We wanted to gain insight from a 2020 graduate on how they felt about ending high school in the middle of a global pandemic. Domenica Ferdinardo ‘20 reflected on the end of her high school career and her favorite memories.  

Q. What were you most looking forward to for the end of your senior year?

A. “I was looking forward to having all four of my grandparents at the awards ceremony and at graduation. They are so proud of me, and I was looking forward to sharing those moments with them.”

Q. What do you think Ridgewood did well for the end of your senior year?

A. “Ridgewood did a great job making the seniors feel special given the circumstances. Ridgewood also planned a very nice graduation ceremony. It is definitely one we will always remember.”

Q. Favorite memory from your senior year before COVID-19?

A. “My favorite memory from senior year before COVID-19 was the senior night boys basketball game. That was also the same day as the NED Student Council convention and when my college decisions came out. It was a very eventful, celebratory day.”

Q. What do you think would have been something monumental RHS didn’t do, but you think would have been thoughtful?

A. “I think that it would have been nice if during the summer after graduation, Ridgewood would have had one final outdoor goodbye for the seniors before they all left for college. This year, many of my close friends went away to college opposed to staying here, so I think that would have been really special.”

Q. What was your favorite memory from your senior year?

A. “My favorite RHS memory was the homecoming week of senior year. Knowing that it was our last one, I felt that we went all out and had a fun time.”

Q. What do you wish you would have done in high school that you think others should do?

A. “One thing that I didn’t do in high school that I think others should do is try to visit as many college campuses as you can. I think it is extremely beneficial to visit in order to feel comfortable and confident in your decision.”

During her time at RHS, Domenica was extremely involved in clubs and activities. She also served on the Illinois State Board of Education Student Advisory Council (ISBE SAC). Serving on the ISBE SAC peaked her interest in educational policy, which is something she wants to continue to be involved in. 

“My future plans are to major in political science and business economics. After that, I want to apply to law school and become a corporate/family attorney. I also would like to still be involved in educational policy and begin to involve myself in politics. One of my goals is to work for Sidley Austin in Downtown, Chicago,” said Ferdinardo.

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