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Chicago Shakespeare Slam

RHS teacher, Matthew Bennett and 3 Ridgewood students are among 39 Chicagoland high schools who selected this year to participate in the Chicago Shakespeare Slam. Schools across the region worked together throughout the fall semester in the Theater's fourth annual SLAM, exploring and interpreting the work of Shakespeare—and, most important, to celebrate the power of their own voices 
Due to the ongoing impact of COVID‑19, the SLAM program went remote this year—and culminates in a collaborative, recorded production of Hamlet, to be streamed online in two unique performances on consecutive evenings, Wednesday, January 13, and Thursday, January 14. 
Ridgewood High School students will be featured in the January 14 broadcast. You can view the broadcast here: 
The Chicago Shakespeare Slam is, more than anything, an ensemble program—building community, both among the members of a school’s team and between the teams participating across the entire region. Together, participants have the opportunity to dive deep into a shared text—and do so through an infinite number of lenses crafted out of students’ own imaginations.
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