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Celebrating the Educator Pathway Students


We are thrilled to honor the achievements of Ridgewood High School students who have successfully completed the rigorous courses at Northeastern Illinois University. Under the guidance of their dedicated teacher and mentor,  Dolores Miller, these students have showcased commitment and passion for the field of education. 

On May 10th, Dr. Johnson, a professor at Northeastern Illinois University, presented certificates of completion to the following accomplished graduating seniors:

  • Nicole Jackowski
  • Pamela Katsambas
  • Gianna Messina
  • Elizabeth Touhy
  • Magdalena Wita

These students have demonstrated dedication and aptitude in the Educator Pathway program. Not only did they complete two courses at NEIU, but they also fulfilled their  mandated 60 hours of observations. Nicole Jackowski and Magdalena Wita also completed an amazing  mini-student teaching experience at Union Ridge School. By meeting the rigorous standards set by ISBE or earning a College and Career Pathway Endorsement on their diploma, they have truly excelled. It's worth mentioning that all the seniors have expressed their intention to pursue teaching as a profession, with plans to obtain their teacher licenses by attending college.

We also wish to acknowledge the hard work and determination of the following juniors who are currently progressing through the Educator Pathway program:

  • Irma Diaz
  • Eliana Gonzalez
  • Walla Kanan
  • Paola Martinez

These students have already shown immense promise and enthusiasm for their chosen career path. We eagerly anticipate their continued growth and success in the upcoming year.

The Educator Pathway program at Ridgewood High School offers invaluable opportunities for students to explore and engage in the field of education. Through a blend of classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and mentorship, students develop a profound understanding of educational practices while acquiring practical skills that will prepare them for future endeavors in teaching and related professions. We commend Dolores Miller, the dedicated Education Pathway teacher, for her exceptional mentorship and guidance, which have empowered these students to realize their potential. Dolores's impact extends beyond these students, as her efforts will shape generations to come when her students themselves become teachers.


By Eric Lasky

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