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Athletic Summer Camps


Summer Camp Offering PDF

Here is a link to the registration page, where you can browse our camps (and their details) and/or register your child:

Summer Camp Registration Instructions:

Visit > Athletics > Registration – click the link, “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER”. Log in to your account or create your account (if new to 8to18)
Click “Begin Registration”

Step 1: Under “Camps”, select “Summer Camps” and continue to Step 2

Step 2: Select a Participant. If new, you must create the account for your participant. If you already have an account, select the participant you want to register for your desired camp(s). Continue to Step 3.

Step 3: Camp Options. Select your desired camp(s). Camp details can be seen by clicking the “details” tab on the right. After expanding the “details”, click the “sign up” box for your desired camp(s). Once your camp(s) are selected, click “Continue to Step 4”.

Step 4: Roster Details. Select your T-Shirt size (not all camps provide shirts, but you must select a size). Click “Continue to Step 5”.

Step 5: Parent/Guardian Info. Ensure your details are accurate in the fields that have an asterisk “*” (required). Also, if you want a registration confirmation email, please be sure that box is selected in the “Notification Preferences” section. Once complete, click, “Continue to Step 6”.

Step 6: Legal Forms. Click on the “Parent Permission” digital document. Read through the document and click the box at the bottom to digitally sign the release form (this form will be emailed to you upon completing of registration). Click “Accept” and then “Continue to Step 7”.

Step 7: Summary. Ensure that your Registration Summary is accurate and pay (via check or credit card – online). Be sure to click the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. After your information is entered and you agree to the terms and conditions, click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email to the email (username) used for registration.

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