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Alumni Spotlight: Pat Rossi


Ridgewood High School alumnus and Norridge native, Pat Rossi, has strong ties to RHS. Rossi attended Giles, then went on to graduate from Ridgewood in 1990, then returned to work for Ridgewood 24 years ago. 

Rossi is currently the Director of Building and Grounds at RHS. Rossi is also the Regional Co-Chair for the West Cook County Facilities Professionals.

Rossi gives back to Ridgewood in many ways; one of which is being a freshman mentor. He has also accured many years in RHS athletics; coaching football, basketball, baseball and wrestling. He has coached with the football program for approximately twenty years.

When looking back on his favorite memories while coaching, one game stands out. 

“My favorite memory while coaching would have to be when Coach Zack and I coached in 2017.  We finally, after a lot of hard work, qualified for the IHSA playoffs. We were down 0-21 to St. Edwards and then came back to win 29-21,” said Rossi.

About 4 months ago, Rossi was appointed onto the Norridge Park District Board. When speaking to Rossi about his desire to be on the board, he explained how the Park District used to be a hub of activities and his hope is to get more kids involved in park activities again. He hopes that if he and the rest of the board find that the current activities aren’t right, to change those activities to fit what is desired today.

Rossi expressed that the word “Rebel” is his favorite thing about Ridgewood.

“The word rebel means you’re not always going to follow the crowd, look and find the path. That’s important,” said Rossi. “Take the education part out of it. Just being a person, if you go to a place with too many rules and structure, you’re gonna come out a robot. People at Ridgewood are historically very successful people because they had the independence in school to find their own way and later on in life that helps you.”

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