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After-School Computer Science Program


Celebrating the Success of Our Four-Month After-School Computer Science Program

On Tuesday, May 9th, Ridgewood hosted a community showcase for our four-month after-school computer science camp, designed specifically for students in grades 5-9th. Throughout this enriching program, our students embarked on a journey of coding, creativity, and problem-solving. From music composition with EarSketch to graphics creation using Python and CMU Academy, conquering challenges with Sphero Rover Robots through JavaScript programming on iPads, coding micro:bits, and exploring 3D modeling and printing software, they honed their skills to make a positive impact on the world. Under the theme of "CS for good," our students showcased their final projects to the community, marking the successful culmination of our program.

Students were introduced to coding with EarSketch, an innovative tool that allowed them to create music using Python. This unique approach not only fostered their creativity but also strengthened their understanding of fundamental coding principles. The program also provided opportunities for students to explore the world of micro:bits, small programmable devices that empowered them to create interactive projects. With micro:bits, they were able to showcase their innovation and inventiveness, developing projects that combined coding and real-world applications. Finally, our students delved into the exciting realm of 3D modeling and printing software, expanding their skills in digital fabrication. 

The family showcase served as the grand finale, where our students had the opportunity to present their final projects to the community, which also included the Village of Norridge President, Daniel Tannhauser. The success of our four-month after-school computer science program would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our instructors Stephanie Sneith, Steve Svetlik, Derek Cappaert, and Julkan Mroz. Their passion for computer science and commitment to our students' growth has made a lasting impact.

As the curtains close on our four-month after-school computer science program, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work have transformed them into young innovators, equipped with the tools to shape the future.  Our heartfelt thanks go to LatinX DLN including  Babylon Williams, Della Benavidez, Lionel Rodriguez, and Caroline Crozier for their unwavering support and willingness to mentor our students. I have learned that wonderful events can only happen when you have a great team to work with. 

By: Eric Lasky 



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