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Physical Education & Electives


Department Chair

Beth Hanses

Ext. 1253




Art is a means of communication, self-expression, and a great way to strengthen and hone creative thinking and problem-solving skills! Students are strongly encouraged to explore individual creativity and demonstrate original ideas.The Art Department endeavors to teach the fundamental building blocks of art and to foster the understanding of art as it relates to technology, careers, history and world cultures.


The mission of the Ridgewood School of Business is to provide students with a strong foundation of computer and financial literacy, to prepare all students to be successful members in the workplace, and to promote the pursuit of higher education and the desire for life-long learning.


Students enrolled in music at Ridgewood High School will understand and demonstrate how music functions in and reflects patterns in history, society, our community, and everyday life. Students will understand the basic language of music, including reading, writing, theory, history, style trends, organizational structures, and creative expression through composition and performance. Students will have the experiences necessary to continue to enjoy and perform music into adulthood as a hobby or career.

Physical Education and Health

Participation in Health and Physical Education provides students with the skills, knowledge and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle by practicing health enhancing behaviors and lifelong physical activity.

World Language

The World Language team, through the study of other languages, aspires to equip students with an understanding of world cultures and to develop skills to communicate in another language and improve literacy skills in their native language. We aim to have students apply what they learn to understand and work in the real world and broaden their professional preparation.

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