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e-learning Day Educator Expectations


To define the expectations of an e-learning day for general education teachers so that they can adequately plan and implement lesson plans.


The e-learning day will occur on the day of the emergency. 


It is expected that educators are notified of the emergency day per the usual Ridgewood High School communication protocols.

Educators will post their learning experiences by no later than 9:00 a.m. on the emergency day.  

Learning Experience Expectations

  • Learning experiences are posted by 9:00 a.m. on the e-learning day.
  • Teachers will respond in a timely manner for five hours throughout the actual emergency day.
  • Must be authentic learning directly connected to the curriculum.
  • Must have the ability to demonstrate or provide evidence that learning occurred.

District Responsibilities

  • If the e-learning day option is exercised, it is the District’s responsibility to make sure the students and parents can access the e-learning modules and understand the expectations on a date prior to the actual e-learning day.
  • Provide special training for parents and students to learn about the e-learning days.
  • It is also the District’s responsibility to ensure that students have relevant assistive technology available when an e-learning day is implemented. 

Related Service Responsibilities

The speech therapist and other related services providers should operate as consultants when the teachers are putting together the modules for students who receive related services.  Although the services may not be replicated through an online platform, there should be plans for the parents to implement some of the services at home under the guidance of the related service provider.  If the student does not have access to the related service over multiple days due to inclement weather, it may be necessary for the District to provide services at an alternate time upon return to school.  

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