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2021 Summer Reading & AP Work

Summer Reading 2021

This summer students will explore the benefits of recreational reading by finding a book that suits their interests.  At RHS, we believe books are both “mirrors” into our own world or perspective, and “windows” into a different culture or viewpoint.   

What to Read? 

Students are encouraged to read 1 book from any of the categories below by the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  There are five categories of book options.  Please look at the booklists, summaries, and book trailers to choose the 1 book that you find most interesting.  Feel free to read more than one!   


How do Students Get Access to a Summer Reading Book?  

  • RHS Library:  Before you leave for summer, stop by the library to check-out a book! During Summer, stop by the RHS Front Desk at the main entrance to pick-up a copy of the book.  If you borrow a copy of the book, please return your copy as soon as you are done so other students may read.  
  • RHS eBook & Audiobook Collection:  Check out an ebook or Audiobook from Sora 
    (Click here
    if you need help logging into Sora)
  • Eisenhower Public Library: Find a RHS Summer Reading Display onsite and check out an eBook / Audiobook online with your public library card. 

Book Options by Category - Click the links below to view book-trailers & summaries:


Relationships & Identity 
Mystery, Thrillers, & Suspense
Historical Fiction & True Stories 
Fantasy & Sci-Fi 

Short Stories & Graphic Novels      


AP Students:  Any required Summer Work is listed below

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