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R-Gen is a newly founded program at Ridgewood that emphasizes 21st century learning skills in addition to core content through personalized learning. R-Gen is committed to working towards evolving education and is described by students as “OuR-Generation’s way of learning.” The program encourages students to learn through collaboration, innovation and creativity. R-Gen helps students with the age-old dilemma, “what should I do with my life?” R-Gen will provide through project based learning an educational curriculum, internship program as well as the guidance to show our students the vast scope of careers and possibilities specific to their interests and learning style.

In addition to the core content areas of English, mathematics, social sciences, physical sciences, and physical education, R-Gen offers students electives courses as well as opportunities to participate in internships that place a focus on the world outside of the classroom. Students who qualify may enroll with Triton College and take dual-credit courses.

We will teach R-Gen students using a personalized college and career exploration that broadens the students’ possibilities. Our goal is to give our students the tools to live a life that matters to them. R-Gen works to bring needed 21st century skills to the classroom to prepare all students for a successful future of lifelong learning and personal growth.

Enrollment in this course coincides with enrollment in the R-Gen program.  With a focus on college and career preparation, the course is a portfolio-based experience that focuses on the development of executive functioning skills, community service, and leadership.  The program allows for students to tailor their educational experience to align with their future endeavors by allowing flexibility in their school day and how they learn.



Justin Gates

Social Studies Teacher

ext. 1435



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